Allergy Season Tea


Allergies often develop when the body's immune system overreacts to an external irritant such as pollen, insect stings, certain plants, or internal substances such as chemicals and foods. Long term, allergies are treated with herbs to reduce the body's oversensitivity and can bring relief to symptoms and reactions. 


Ingredients: Lemon Peel, Marshmallow Root, Horehound, Nettle, Echinacea, Lemon Balm


This herbal blend loosens mucus and relieves allergy symptoms within 30 minutes. Tea has a strong taste. Sweeten with honey or a natural sweetener. For best results, take daily or up to three times a day with NO SUGAR!


1. Boil water 2. Fill diffuser or tea bag with the desired amount of herb (more herb = stronger taste) 3. Pour hot water over herbs 4. Let stand for 5 minutes.

Try it straight up or sweeten with honey. 


Lemon Peel: used for taste. Lemon Peel increases resistance to infection, is an antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant, and reduces fever. 

Uses: acne & boils, arthritis, bites & stings, colds & flu, cold sores, sore throats, weak digestion


Marshmallow Root: Protects and soothes the mucus membranes. 

Uses: Earache due to chronic mucus, allergic rhinitis with mucus, urinary infections


Horehound: helpful for wheeziness, bronchitis, asthma, and coughs. It causes the secretion of a more fluid mucus.

Uses: Lung and breathing problems, cough, whooping cough, asthma, tuberculosis, bronchitis, and swollen breathing passages


Nettle: Nettle is antiallergenic which has a direct use for allergies. It treats hay fever, asthma, itchy skin conditions, and insect bites.

Uses: allergic rhinitis including hay fever, anemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding, bites & stings, mild asthma, diaper rash, hives, & nose bleeds


Echinacea: treats allergies & asthma, viral & fungal infections, throat infections, & used to boost the immune system

Uses: allergies, acne & boils, flu, sore throats, tonsillitis, canker sores, coughs & bronchitis, cold sores, earaches, urinary & fungal infections


Lemon Balm: used for taste. Lemon Balm is a relaxing tonic for anxiety, mild depression, restlessness, and irritability

Uses: Flu with muscle aches & pains, anxiety, depression, tension, nausea due to emotional problems, & stomachache


*Allergic Rhinitis is an umbrella term for allergic reactions to irritants such as pollution, dust, or pollen

*Hay Fever is caused by seasonal grass or pollens


Reduce your intake or cut out dairy, eggs, sugar, white flour, fatty foods, and alcohol to remedy allergies all together!


If you are pregnant please seek advice from your health care professional before consuming.

Allergy Season Tea