Why Herbal Blunts?

I come from what feels like a long history of smoking marijuana. I started at the age of 16 and have consistently smoked it for 10+ years. After a while, I found that weed was not hitting like it used to. It caused me anxiety and every so often I would need a break from it. I enjoyed smoking marijuana and even found it to be beneficial when coping with my depression and ADHD. However, there were times when it would trigger my mental instability, cause more of it, and even send me into a frenzy or what felt like the verge of a breakdown. Having my off's and on's, I decided to experiment on why I couldn't get high like I used to.

I started with studying the types of weed that would affect me negatively and what I could do to avoid it. I realized that I only needed to indulge in small amounts of marijuana and began to microdose throughout my days. This helped tremendously and I loved that I didn't need to utilize so much of the delicate plant. This allowed me to save weed, save money, and develop a greater appreciation for the herb. I began to smoke out of glass and papers only and LOVED to consume it (by way of edibles, tinctures, and tea concoctions). These methods all allowed for a purer and cleaner high, plus I love the taste of weed!

I enjoy all herbs of the earth. I indulge in them when cooking, drinking, and even bathing and decorating. It was no surprise that through my passion for herbs and experimentation that I began to mix herbs in my marijuana consumptions. I started by adding weed to my tea and slowly fell into adding my tea(herbs) to my weed. My first try of this blew me away so far, I never looked back. Mixing different herbs allowed for more sensations, more flavors, and I even developed a mixture to give you a weed-like high without the weed and the extra bullshit, like anxiousness, that comes with it.

My mental health has always been my motivating factor to live a better and more balanced life. Finding things that help sustain this is a privilege. Because I found ways that help me, I'm inspired to share my methods with those like me. Marijuana is a sweet treat but in the back of my mind, I always wanted to tap into that energy without it & finally I can!

(Weed is still apart of my life, though. Don't trip :) Try adding weed to my loose blend mixture)

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