Who/What is Perla Woods?

Often, I get asked where did the name Perla Woods come from? If you did not know, no, it is not my real name. Perla Woods is merely an alias that I use for social media and as a brand name. My real name, however, is the lovely Alliannah :), or Alli for short (pronounced Ah-Lee, or Ah-Lee-ON-Uh). Perla Woods, though... a unique title flow. I will tell you the story of the night Perla Woods came into existence...

It was a late summer night, as I approached my lofty, 12-foot-high-ceiling apartment. (It was in the epitome of what you would call "in-the-cut" in over-town, Newport News.) I have a slick habit of sitting in my car for 20+ minutes before receiving the energy to defeat my laziness and get out of the car, so this time was no different. Maybe I was intoxicated, but those details are a blur. During this time of mini automobile hibernation, the midnight serenity enters my vicinity and broadens my mind. I begin to recognize and act on my randomized thoughts (the doctor's called this ADHD....). What flows through my mind is:

What will I name my 10 unborn children?

So I dive deeper-

Old Names! (an instant thought)

I will use my grandparent's names; Zola, Louise, Betty

(In the background, Rick Ross, "Even Deeper" starts to play)

Yassss (I Loved Rick Ross)

I hear the lyrics, "introduced her to the world of La Pearla"

Perlaaaa... oouu Perla! I'm a pearler! Is he talking about me? Gotta be! I like that! And what a cute name!

Now in my world, a pearler is someone who can perfectly roll a blunt in all mediums (cigarillos and backwoods/leafs, for example), or "pearl". In the marijuana world, it is a big deal to be able to pearl a backwood. Not everyone can do it and it can be very intense. Once you master rolling a leaf, it is a beautiful feeling to roll the perfect blunt. I have mastered all in my days :)

So, you can now put the context together as to how Perla Woods came about. After coming up with the name Perla, I thought, I'm a great Pearler and backwoods are my preference....

-Backwoods - Woods - Perla Woods.... That is perfect! BUT I kinda like this name for me....

I googled the name, and there is no sign of a Perla Woods, so I claimed it. Perla Woods, becomes my twitter name first, and then, it goes up from there. Now, here we are:


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