What the fuck is Love? - A Poem

Let me talk about this connection

This divine equal selection

This karmic intervention

My opposite representation

I can say I have never felt a thing quite like this

But I worry that my lust is creating a fake bliss

Because I think about you every single day, and it’s not just about, but literally every single day

And I have prayed for you to leave my mind

and I can visualize me fighting you but still every single time

I get a break from life and I wonder if I’m right

but you make me feel bright and the thought of us is a delight

Full is what you make me but I’m still not sure because I second guess you and I don’t know if this is true

because I remember every time I had a fake little boo

it lasted for a while but then along came a new

Man that stole my heart and made me crush

and from that day I was always in a rush just wishing I could have the man in my sight

And like a little girl I would dream about them every night

And is it me with the problem?

Have my desire become demonic

Some will make you feel that way and some things will make you feel that way

But when you get a taste of what you’ve always dreamed of

Your heart will open and send you a blessing from above

& god forbid fear gets inside

because you see...

that’s what usually happens with me...

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