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The title of this blog post may come as a surprise. If you follow and engage with me on social media then you already know what I'm about and that I indulge in my divine feminine as what I call being a "witch". You may be afraid, you may be intrigued, you may be confused, or you may feel nothing at all, but if you're reading this then there is some interest within that has sparked you and you may have questions. Firstly, let me just get this out there: I believe in God. I also believe in the universe and everything in it. I believe in the planets, moon, sun, and stars. I believe in energy, spirits, my ancestors, and divine guidance. I also pray to all of these beings daily.

Let me start with a new introduction. I am Alliannah Hamilton. I am known mostly as a visual artist. My main mediums include photography and film, but I also provide services such as marketing, graphic design, brand development, and more under my company Alliannah Artistry (alliartt.com). Aside from my art and business, I devote most of my time tending to my mental health, spirituality, divination practices, and healing. This is all so that I can live a balanced life and be one with mother earth and nature. This includes practicing meditation, yoga, tarot, self-care, creating, writing and connecting with nature and the cosmos. I keep myself first and open so that I can receive divine guidance, messages, and knowledge that help me on my journey in understanding the world and the beings in it, as well as myself. Receiving this knowledge and guidance is a highlight of my life. It helps me so that I then can then help others. It is through my experiences that I share wisdom.

What is a Witch?

The term "witch" has been around for centuries. For me, it is more of a term than a description. It is a word that has the definition of a woman of magical powers. Now, what is magic? Magic is making things happen, or manifestation. Witch, for me, is just that, a magical woman. It is also an empowered woman, a divine woman, a wise woman... I believe that all women are witches or have the ability to become one. Truthfully, we all do (women and men)!

There are many different witches in the world and all types have even become very mainstream and popular in this digital age. You can search the hashtag on any social media platform and find a plethora of memes and accounts that share their witchcraft regularly. If it was 300 years ago, we'd probably see images of witches being burned at the stake all over the internet, along with every other madness that goes on in the world. In the past, witches were hunted and killed for the simplest of accusations that deemed to be abnormal. Pick a flower, you'd probably get accused of being a witch, then you would be murdered for it (hypothetically speaking).

Witches and the term 'witch' has a negative connotation and I understood that when I claimed it. However, I've always been one to go against the grain. I didn't call myself this for "play play", though. I've had experiences in my life that I could never quite understand, let alone explain. Like, accidentally making things happen with my mind. It's safe to say, I didn't choose the witch life, the witch life chose me. I mean with deep roots in Louisiana, I'd say it was inevitable for me. I enjoy it, though, and being a spiritual woman, it made sense to me. My spirituality didn't start in the witch direction, but it definitely led me there. I may have ran from it for a little bit and there were even some who recognized it before I did, but the universe wasn't going to keep it from me for too long.

Now, you may be wondering what type of witch I am and do I practice spells and witchcraft. If you ask someone else, their beliefs may differ from mine, but like all things, this life journey is for us to figure out for ourselves, so I'm here to give you my beliefs based on my experiences.

I'd say I don't do magic, but I believe we all do. I believe that magic is taking action with a specific intention in mind or behind it. This is how you make things happen or how you manifest, and we all have the power to do this. Some just may be better at it than others and if you flow with life, it will actually teach you how to do so. When it comes to spells, I rely on the root word to tell the meaning. Spell means 'to tell' which is what we do with words. Our everyday language is a spell if you want to get technical, but I won't beat around the bush.

I have never done a spell on another person or to negatively affect myself, the world, or any one else. Now, I have put some honey in a jar with my wishes on a piece of paper inside of it. I tried it and it may still be in effect today. However, I don't believe I need to do this in order to make things happen, but what's a witch without doing a little experimentation? Did my honey jar work? Not exactly, not instantly, but it didn't not work either. Let's just say, I can do better magic by doing nothing than deliberately doing something.

We're all different and my story is going to be different than the next person, and there's will be different, and so on. This is a sweet part of life. Every life experience will be unique to the individual, and so will every belief (at least this is how it should be). I have heard different stories of killing chickens in a basement to get someone to love them, using salts and powders to make things happen, and it all actually working. Is it my cup of tea? No, but I am no one's god to judge

My "Witchcraft"

I don't necessarily call what I do witchcraft. I don't believe I even do enough to be called a witch, but I know in my heart that I am one. I am the type of person and the type of witch that does not follow any specific people, guidelines, practices, beliefs, etc. However, I do enjoy learning about the many different practices in the world and I have no judgments towards anyone's unique way. I take information and knowledge that I resonate with from different practices, religions, and beliefs and I develop my own way, my own system, and my own belief. I'd recommend this way to anyone. I feel this is how we should live anyway. Live by finding and following our own way.

So, my witchcraft is what I've made up; I express myself and I create. This is my witchcraft. I have great taste and have a niche for mixing ingredients to create a perfect concoction that is flavorful and even healing. This is my witchcraft. I love nature and I love connecting to it. This is my witchcraft. I believe that all things can be healed naturally and I love to create anything that can help in this. This is my witchcraft. I believe that I can find any answer I need without doing anything but going within aka meditating. I love rocks, seashells, water, mud, flowers, herbs, trees, mountains, the moon, the sun, the clouds, and basically anything that comes from the earth and carries the earth energy. Connecting with these is my witchcraft. I am in love with tarot cards, in love with art, and I can find divine guidance in just about everything. This is all my witchcraft.

What I practice regularly, or ritually ;), is also my witchcraft. Firstly, I pray and give thanks every morning and evening and sometimes in between to my God, my Earth, my angels, my ancestors, my spirits, and my guides. I also give thanks to the Universe, planets, moon, sun, and the stars. This is the most imperative part of my practice! I mix herbs, daily, and drink tea in the mornings and evenings. My herbal mixtures get consumed by either smoking or drinking for myself and those that indulge in my mixtures. I create herbal mixtures based on specific ailments that I may be approached with such as sleep issues, headaches, anxiety, and so much more. I pull my own tarot cards at least once a week and watch daily readings on youtube. Every full moon, I take time for myself and do what is called of me. For example, I may light a bunch of candles, take a bath, and set an intention on what I'd like to release. For the new moon, I do the same but my intention is for what I'd like to bring in. Every new moon begins a new cycle for me and the full moon is the halfway mark to reflect on where I am and where I am going. I like to collect crystals and I charge them under the full moon. I don't necessarily use them in any practice, however, I love to look at them, collect them, and even sell them. It is the fact that it comes from the earth that fascinates me. Lastly, I keep myself first, I do what I feel, and I practice following my intuition and bettering myself every day so I can manifest the life that I want.

It's not all that scary or indifferent as you thought, huh? Well, I forgot to tell you, bigger than being a witch, I'm also a demon, but I'll save that for another post. I hope you enjoyed it!


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