The Story Behind Chicken & Dick

I know "what is Chicken & Dick?" is a burning question, an odd combination, or at least it is when it is said aloud. I mean if you really think about it, doesn't it seem quite satisfying whether you are on the giving or receiving end? (unless you don't eat the meat of course). That's what Chicken & Dick is all about- satisfaction and some more. That's what it was all about for me when I woke up one morning and instantly thought, I want some chicken & dick. So, you know what I do? I run and tell Twitter just like any other thought that tickles my mind and makes me feel like I might actually be pretty entertaining (hehe). It tickled my mind so much I thought, I want that as a shirt. I want to wear it and I want to own it. Yes, I want chicken and dick! It was farm fresh chicken to be exact.

This is how Chicken & Dick was imagined, but, you know, nothing is surface-level with me. It does get deeper. My choice to wear a shirt like this had to stand for more for me. If I were to make a statement as bold as this one I had to be prepared to talk about it and be about it. I wanted to wear a vulgar shirt and I thought to myself that I never seen one made for women. The thought of wearing the shirt made me uncomfortable and that was even more reason for me to do it. I wanted to have the freedom to wear it because it was an honest and true expression; and I definitely didn't want to be afraid to let people know.

As I laid in the bed daydreaming about the crunch and the pump, I thought about what message I will express with a shirt like this. For me, it was freedom, liberation, expression, and fearlessness. This shirt was packed with all of that. And though chicken is food, where I'm from getting the chicken also meant getting the coin- getting to that paper. You can best believe I always want that. Dick- a form of pleasure and satisfaction, a source of creation and liberation, was a message that the pleasures in life should not be judged nor frowned upon. Not by yourself and not by another person.

When I finally grasped the courage to wear the shirt, I posted it on Twitter- solely to send a message, but little did I know, everyone would want one. I made about 40 shirts with my sister's help and made over $1,200 off the first batch. This is when I decided it was something I wanted to pursue.

Chicken & Dick had a great run initially and spread throughout social media like wildfire. The love was so real, multiple people and sources recreated my exact design. As discouraging as it was at the time, I never gave it up. I went on a year-long journey to trademark Chicken & Dick and alas we are at the final stages of completion. I should've known with a remark like Chicken & Dick, some regards were to pop up. I've slowly been reintroducing the concept back to social media in hopes that the movement becomes something more than just a thrilling title. My beliefs around honest expressions are one of my missions in life to encourage. I believe that expression is the best medicine. It is through expression that all things can be healed. Chicken & Dick is a brand to promote that, with more shirt liners that can be thrown at your face to send a thought-provoking message.

I want Chicken & Dick and all that shit :)

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Much Love!

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