The Black Cat Attacks a Jack

Painting is something that I love to do, therapeutically. When I first tried painting I noticed my ability to fadeaway into a wonderland as my body tended to my canvas and paint brush. I would put on my headphones, press play on my iTunes music, and let my subconscious flow through strokes of paint. The more I did it, the more I was able to compose something meaningful without having to think about it. I love that being an artist gives me free range to express myself through several different mediums. I am always inspired to try and learn something new. Although it is more of a hobby for me, painting is one of those mediums I will keep with me forever.

I recently received a custom order from a friend to express myself on a jean jacket. In her words exactly, "How much would you charge me to put some #AlliArt on this jacket...". I never turn down a chance to try something new with my art and make some money at the same time, so I had to give it a shot! I took her jacket home and begun my journey of drawing inspiration. Ultimately, it led me to release my inner black cat and let her dance on some denim.

I present to you, "The Black Cat Atacks a Jack", a Denim Levi Jacket with a custom paint job, custom distress, and custom patchwork by #AlliArt aka Perla Woods. <3

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