Temptation, a poem

I’m being faced with temptation

I knew it was something

He was close, so maybe he was pulling on me

Wondering what I was doing

All while spontaneously popping in my head

I wonder, what is it now

He must be thinking about me

He was close, and I could feel it

I still wonder, how this thing still is

My contentment is being threatened

By temptation of what I’m seeing


We had some great of it


I’ll give him that

I don’t even feel less than my worth

To know that he feels comfortable to speak to me that way

I can be playful

But he should know, he cannot get this

No matter how much I want it…

But why? Why do I feel like it’s a problem?

I would love to hold out, wait until marriage

Save myself for the right man

But I want it so bad, at least right now

I think I could just pleasure myself

It would help take the thoughts away

of giving myself away to a man

& having him take all of me

Everything I have to offer

Because at this moment and possibly forever

That is all I have to offer

My vagina

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