Pulling Out The Cords, a poem

Every time I think about you I pull a cord out

A cord that has my soul attached to yours

There are many of them

And with each cord that I pull, my mind drifts farther away from you

A wish that I’ve been praying for

Every time I’m doing better without you on my mind

Something pulls me back in

& I see you and obsess over the feeling that I know could be

If we came together

This time is easier

It gets easier and easier

I get stronger and evolve more

& I wonder if that is why we are connected

Solely for my evolution

This spiritual connection

That I wonder if you feel too

Through my second-guessing and doubt

That arises as my issue

I’ve been waiting for you


To express yourself

While I hide mine

Hoping that you will spark me to confess

I did it anyway

I let go

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