Perla Wood's Birthday

October 8 laid a beautiful day. A day full of love and reassurance. I questioned my birthday this year- questioned myself as I always do.

Coming into a new day of my resurgence, the new energy has been setting in slowly. I feel my upgrades coming in as streams of new abilities. My pride will not allow me to even think I lack, but my humbleness knows it is true. My overthoughtful wander has held me back enough and even through my development of insecurities, conquering an obstacle has become effortless. I forget that the smallest amounts of work done over long periods of time will still manifest results. Self-work represents that. My self-work has always come first- as a choice turned to nature. Which, through my selfishness and what I feel to be my needed times of rest, I forgot what my purpose was. I let it go and choose to walk while I warm up to start charging forward. I am moving in slow motion, but at least I am moving.

My Birthday was amazing, loving, and serene. It was a day that I didn't know I needed, and the energy remains in remnants. This year I leave behind fear- fear of connection, fear of people, fear of myself. To my most difficult years, thank you. To, today and every day- the first day of our new lives, Hello. I walk as who I am- an expression of my creations- who I choose to be and what I choose to love, protected.

Thank you to the love given and the love shared, Perla Woods #alliart

Cheers to year 108

Pictures by @soulhood_t (Instagram) & @youknow_t (twitter)

Skate Party @ Sk8 House Virginia Beach

Pictures by @soulhood_t (Instagram) & @youknow_t (twitter)

I am patient, I am kind, I do not envy, I do not boast... Love, my greatest teacher, I thank you for my suffering and for being the very thing I live for. Like in my childhood, it is what I always wanted. It is what I cried for, wrote poems for, obsessed over, secretly depressed... I had to put love last for the sake of my own heart- my own yearning. Because I desired it, and desire only leads to destruction. I would love to love you, and I would try...

After Party @ Slow Dive, Norfolk, VA

Pictures by @soulhood_t (Instagram) & @youknow_t (twitter)

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