Perla's Munchies (2 Recipes)

If you are one to indulge in the sweet sensations of the earth's finest herbal growths (Weed), then you know that after you lift your spirits what follows is the necessity to satisfy your taste buds. Instead of bracing your body with trans-fats that leave you momentarily gluttony addicted, get into some healthy munchies that will flavor your mouth in all directions. I love when I can meet my sweet tooth and know that what I'm eating won't make me feel bad about it later, so I, from time to time, make these delicious treats that are just a spin on your normal snack crave.

First, Perla's Yogurt Bowl - A mixture of fruits, grain, sweets, and probiotics

Create your own yogurt bowl or try mine out for yourself.


Plain or Vanilla Yogurt

Sliced Strawberries

Dark Chocolate Chips


Coconut Flakes

2. Perla's PB&J - Up your normal Peanut Butter and Jelly with fruits and cereal.

How I made mine is simple:

2 slices of Texas Toast Bread

Crunchy Peanut Butter

Grape Jelly


Honey Grahams

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