New Moon Reading for my Soul Tribe 8/18/2020

Intuitively, before I pull any cards, I feel a strong start to a new beginning with this New Moon in Leo- A beginning of passion and fire, grounding, and confidence. It could be the Leo energy, but (personally) I have come into comfort with a side that I found fear in before. I feel this may be an energy that some are going through or may be going through in this next cycle.

The new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle in our life (no surprise to all this 'new' energy). It is energy to celebrate and to set new intentions for. I decided to do this to help those on their own path of transcendence. This reading is specifically for my soul tribe and is intended to help set your own intentions and give you any guidance and/or confirmation you may need on this journey. If you are wondering who my soul tribe is, it is those that resonate, support, and follow me. The ones that are here reading this right now. If you are here, then yes, you are apart of my soul tribe. You wouldn't be here if you weren't ;). So let's get right into it!

I pulled a card for the questions below, one-by-one, and received messages intuitively, visually, and based on the meaning for each card to answer the question at hand. These messages should not be taken as literal advice, but use messages at your own discretion. If you find a sense of resonation, the message is for you! If you do not resonate with any of the messages, the energy may not have came to you yet, but could be on the way! Take what applies and leave what doesn't. Stay tuned for more readings and please leave me feedback by simply liking the post so I know that you resonated. Enjoy!

What are we leaving behind?

The Sun (Rider-Waite Tarot Deck)

The sun represents happiness (the happiest and most positive card in the tarot deck).

If we are leaving behind the sun, I feel this means we are leaving behind our old sense of happiness or what used to make us happy. We are prepared for a new beginning, a new start, and a new birthing. The past is so gone that we can’t even see it anymore. What is behind us, though, is light and love- illumination. God stands behind us in protection and we should feel free and prepared to move on and move forward. All we have to do is stay in this energy and the divine will lead us to our desired destination.

What are we moving towards?

4 of wands & 3 of cups (Rider-Waite Tarot Deck)

We are moving towards a happy home & celebration- Stability, security, and protection with people who we feel safe around and who celebrate with us. We’ve made it to a destination (a big one) and it’s time to reap the reward that we’ve worked so hard for. The fruits of our labor are here & it is time to harvest those fruits by enjoying life and constantly doing things that make us happy. This will put us in the vibration to continue to manifest what we have already set in motion - what we have already dreamt about. Continue to go out and do things that you know will put you in high vibration, even when you may feel an urge not to.

Is there anything we need to let go of?

Strength clarified by the Ace of Swords

(Black Cats Tarot Deck)

Let go of the burden of needing to be strong. Recognize that you are standing in your victory. The dark times are behind us, they have already receded. It’s okay to admit that we are going through it and in need of strength sometimes, but at this time, we no longer have to be because the dark times are already behind us and they are fading. Have faith in yourself and in God (or whoever/whatever you believe in). We may have a moment here and there where we experience difficulty, but it doesn’t last, and as soon as it passes we will be able to recognize just how strong we really are now (especially compared to the past).

"A message for the Rebels"

Shock of the New (#6)

(Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck)

This card tells me and affirms this new energy that I am feeling and getting from the rest of the cards. I see internal balancing and a new way of thinking, feeling, and understanding. It is one that we may have chosen long ago or had an inkling of deep down inside of us. It may be a complete opposite of the being we have been for a long time, but it is another side of us or a NEW side of us that lives in harmony and vibrates around us with the ambiance of this world. This newness may come as a shock or a very unfamiliar feeling. Do not be afraid, and if the fear comes, listen to what it’s saying so that it can leave. We are strong enough to handle it, otherwise, it would not have come to us in the first place

Warrior Woman

“Have you answered your deepest calling?”

(Work Your Light Oracle Deck)

Off bat, this woman is strong, guarded, but mysterious as she has her eyes on the prize of what she wants to go after. "The time is now", is what I’m hearing. This energy is a balance of light, dark, cosmic, and earth energy and we radiate at the front of it. This tells me we have what we need to go after that thing. This card says not to be afraid (A message that has come up already in this reading). One thing about going after what we desire or what is called of us is that we must have the courage to do it. Courage does not exist without fear, so if fear does arise it’s a good thing! It’s more than likely because we are going in the direction we are supposed to go. This concept allows us to look at fear in another light which can help us conquer it and utilize it to strengthen our courage. We are ready, we are protected, we are strong, and we are victorious.

A Prayer

Our Lady who Gives Peace (Mother Mary Oracle Deck)

Give over your deep concern in exchange for a gift of peace. Through trust & devotion in your higher power, all can be resolved.

We must have trust when it comes to surrendering our concerns. Trust that what is meant to be will be. This means we surrender our desired outcomes and attachments and that we trust what we receive will be what is best for us. Remember not to go back to worrying about it later. Surrender it for good and if it pops up again surrender it again and again through trust and faith. This does not mean giving up on what you want but instead allowing the divine to work with us and present us with opportunities & solutions for what our heart and soul truly wants.

Our Lady of Blessing Bestowed (Mother Mary Oracle Deck)

It’s no surprise this card is about receiving a gift of blessings. This is an affirmation of the blessings that we are headed towards or are already experiencing that were shown in the other cards (as long as we continue to do the work, stay in high vibrations, and have faith in the divine). This card says that the blessing of a person, place, or thing, or transcendence of self is here or on the horizon. It affirms that a change is here & a shedding of what holds us back from fully receiving this blessing. This card asks to have trust and courage as the divine helps us leap into our divine fulfillment more swiftly- trust that we are prepared for the newness and courage to conquer any fears that may arise around whether we are ready for it. The divine does not send us blessings that we aren’t prepared for. Keep in mind divine timing, stay honest, and present with your feelings while letting things fall into place. Trust in the divine to take over your life direction for a moment, even if you are taken in a totally different direction or a subtle reorientation. The chaos of change will eventually become a source of gratitude and happiness.

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Much Love!

-Alliannah aka Perla Woods <3

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