New Moon Invocation

I am open and honest with myself and others. My trust will gain me loyalty and my honesty will make me a great leader. My faith will keep my strong, my resilience will allow me to take care of my body, and my art will ease my mind. My patience will help me when dealing with other people and my freedom will allow me to take nothing personal.

The fun of life is to create magic everyday with love for ourselves.

This new moon marks the beginning of the next lunar cycle and possibly a life cycle as well wether you are on the journey of awakening or not. The times and energy in the atmosphere right now are thick and you may even be experiencing conflicts that feel surreal (& not just in the media but life as well). We are still in the midst of a major shift that, energetically, was sparked years ago. And every journey rises as a quest, reaches a climax or a major turn of events, and falls down into the resolution. The journey of this shift is no different. You can say 2020 was the climax and now comes the struggle down into the resolution of our new structure in life and the world. Do not be afraid, though, because if you are here reading this then you are on the path of transcendence which puts you a bit ahead of the game and I also bring you a blessing of divine guidance to give you just the nudge or confirmation that you may need. From my mind to yours, surrender to life, do what you enjoy, keep yourself first, remain open and honest with yourself. Be curious about yourself, others, and life as a whole. Be OKAY with all of you- the good, the bad, and the ugly, and take nothing personal. This life is for US, solely, we just get to “enjoy” it with other people in the ecosystem that we are in. Read my invocation again if you need.

I pulled a few oracle cards of divine guidance. I asked for a message from the divine that was not in my mind, my energy, or from my intuition- basically, a message for us of what I may be missing.

The first card the arose was the Akasha Card which says “You are divinely guided”. This was confirmation for me that the messages that were going to come through would be just what I asked for and confirmation that it was indeed divinely guided.

The second card was ‘Take A Break: A life’s work, not a season. Get off the treadmill.” which is self-explanatory. It was shocking, for me, because I personally don’t feel like I need a break, but maybe there are some here that need to. It’s imperative to take time out to unwind, because like I said before, the tension in the atmosphere is thick right now. You want to make sure you are at your strongest to protect yourself, energetically. If we are drained, we become an easy target & we cannot get lost in the sauce out here.

I energetically attract go getters, entrepreneurs, and artist, so you may be one reading this. The goals we want to achieve will not happen over night and to really develop a lasting and secure foundation we want to make sure we are giving it our best. Trying to do too much will result in your project not reaching it’s fullest potential. Be okay with taking your time and realize you are fighting against NOBODY’S clock besides the made up one in your mind. Make sure you take care of yourself FIRST by taking a break to relax, recharge, & connect with nature/spirit.

The last card was “Imrama: What are you being called to journey to?”

I clarified this card and out came “The Initiation: Rite of Passage, Crossing the threshold” & “The Age of Light: You’ve been training for this for lifetimes.” These cards are super direct today and I am thankful the messages came through so clearly. We are being called to journey trough the initiation into the Age of Life. This tells me that we are possibly being put through tough times or we were put through dark times so that we can step into Leadership and/or step into supreme beings that hold together this earth. In ancient times, we used tools to charge the earth, now we as beings are to take the role of the tools. Many of us have been going through major transformations, being molded and bent in different ways and its because we have a calling to take care of our lives, and to energetically harness the beauty of the world to shine it back out. You may feel a pull inside of you, like there is just something grand you are supposed to be doing or that you will be doing at some point, you just don’t know when. Well, the time is coming, soon, but for now we are in preparation mode and what’s best is to keep ourself first, to nurture ourself, strengthen ourself, to stop running away from the lessons that follow us, and to listen, please. You are special, but don’t let that shit go to your head. Learn and remain open because the divine wants you to receive- receive it’s gifts, it’s knowledge & wisdom, as well as it’s energy.


Chase your fears, express yourself

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