It was my last depression, a poem

Highs and lows:

I can understand

Mine come every so often

Mainly in the highs

At least right now

But still experiencing the lows

They are shorter

But deeper

I am stronger

But the state remains

I could’ve sworn I was doing better

Lasting longer

Within the highs

But instead

Time has exceeded my happiness

I’m grateful for this

But the lows are so dark

Darker than ever before

If I was not strong

I would have escaped my body today, 


and the day before

I was close

My balcony called me

But with resilience, I remained

I fought, and it was actually easy

But intense

Especially the recognition

I had to pause for a minute

Express for a while

I could’ve thrown up my insides

I thought that I would

But as a ran to the bathroom

From sharing what’s inside of me

Nothing came up

And I was stronger than I thought


I thank you, my God

For this new life

I apologize

For my shadow

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