I Know What My Eyes Do

No longer an impostor

I starred at myself

An upcoming wonder

realizing why they do it

I’ve been lost from the gift

Baked in the mellow

Shot from the sky

As my Curiosity unravels

I stick my toe up to the ceiling

Push towards the pain

Up withered and caressed

Cracks overstimulated

The tingling is used to

I can feel it opening up

Such an intensity

Lost in the shadows

I’ve walked during the pain

Deep in the depths

Narrowed through the lost

masculine & feminine

Sunken in generations

Love was dumb

Pain mended the obstructs

I fathom the digging

Foraging received clues

that lay my subtle path

The light is so bright

it is dark

It twinkles reflection

I know what my eyes do

They do the same to you

The same for you

Run or stuck ...

I saw beauty from the nose up

In the crows wrinkles at the eye tip

The spec of white that shined

Seizing all of my days

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