How Many Tabs are Open in Your Brain? - A Poem

Too many tabs;

I can understand

Living in this state causes procrastination

Or distractions

Because I don’t know which to choose when a part of me wants to choose none

And thinks about what the best thing even is to choose

When I could just not choose and instead just do

Because If I didn’t choose, my body would

& I think the mind is what’s in control

If the mind stopped, the movement would not

If the mind stopped, the body would not

Because beyond our control, there is still a current

And it moves without us

Pushing in and out a life that will always exist

Exist without the mind

All this time, I’ve been journeying to the mastery of it

& I do believe that all are- only because of me

When life could be just about living

Because movement is limitless

And without me making a choice, life will still go on

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