How I Raise My Frequency

Something about being a millennial can be very depressing. I’m too free for my mind to be trapped in the surroundings I wake up in…This state of mind blocks my gratitude and lowers my vibration which causes me to create more of it. It’s hard to stay in a high vibe when you want so much, and I think this is where millennials or anybody has the game fucked up. We have to realize that as much as we are creative is as much as we have to CHOOSE to believe it. We are all creators and when we wake up we create the life that we live in. Sometimes, though, the life we live is not the life we want, and again this is where the game is fucked up. I’m not sure how many times this message has to pop up but I will say it and hear it over and over again until I snap out of my own asshole; Life is all about perception. I woke up this morning and it’s a gloomy, somber day outside. I was immediately in a low vibe and I recognized it. As I sit here now, I wonder if this gloom is created by my mind, and if I change my vibe will the Sunshine through. We’ll see by the end of this writing.

Raising my frequency can be difficult when I’m in a low vibe. It takes a lot of self-control, forcing energies from within, and resilience to attempt to snap out of it. Whoever thought I could be that strong enough to hold my own self back? It could really be no other. This morning when I woke up, as low as I felt, I could have stayed in bed and still been there right now even if I was awake. I could’ve scrolled through my phone for two hours, watched or listened to 1-3 tarot readings, and hoped that life would work out the way I wanted while I did it all. Thankfully, my resilience is much stronger now, but I remember when it wasn’t. These are signs of depression, but it’s also signs of entitlement, laziness, and egotistical low vibrational shit- the devil HAS to go. I had to use that same strength I use to keep myself down to climb back up. It’s still hard and still testing, and right now might even be the most difficult, but I am determined to help myself and anyone else who may be stuck in the low-vibes.

I explained my own signs and symptoms of the low-vibes, but there are many of them and they will differ from person to person. If you’re reading this or were brought to this, then there may be a little light trying to pull you through your own. Here are some ways that help me raise my frequency:

#1 Recognizing I’m in a low-vibe

It’s important to know when our vibrations are low & it’s also okay to admit it. When we fight or resist it, it will only create more tension which results in something drastic happening at the peak of the build-up. When we can recognize our own energetic state, we are able to be patient and understanding with ourselves while also allowing others to understand as well. Be open and honest with yourself first and then be honest with others around you. You can simply tell a person, “My energy is low right now” which will help simmer down the energy everywhere.

#2 Channelling my inner strength & forcing myself

It is very hard to do anything when I am in a low-vibration or are depressed. The motivation is faded, I feel jaded, and my energy is so low it takes a lot to do anything or be around anybody. These dark holes can be so deep sometimes that it takes an immense amount of strength to crawl out of them. Channeling our strength is probably the most important thing to do because it even takes strength to recognize that we need it. With these next few steps, we must be strong to do them. They are so seemingly small that our minds can literally trick us out of doing it. I have found that the small things to do to raise my vibration are the most effective, but I usually have to FORCE myself to do them.

#3 Going for a walk

Going for a walk instantly raises my vibration and frequency (I even pair it with a little weed to enhance the experience sometimes ;) ). Fresh air and nature soak up our negative energies and I have found so many ways to enhance my walks that it has become a very healing practice. Even if it is to just walk my dog, the intention and resilience used to lift my vibration will have an immediate effect. If you choose to go on a walk, you can practice imagining that you are walking to your future. This mindfulness will lift your vibration, expand your mind, and can even spark up inspiration to do more or give you a clue to moving forward in life.

#4 Taking a break just to breathe

You would be surprised how effective it is to take a break to breathe. We are constantly moving and working and not all low vibrational energy will leave you stagnant. Some of us actually might do the opposite when in low-vibrations because we are trying to shake it or run from it. This can cause us to over-exert ourselves. Whether our physical bodies are over-exerted or our mental chatter is over-exerted, taking a pause, closing our eyes, and taking a few deep breathes can calm down our energy and neutralize our frequency. While doing this, you want to make sure you do it in a place you will not be distracted. You may need 3 deep breaths or you may need 3 minutes. Listen to your breath as it goes in and out of your body. Do it until you feel your energy and mind have simmered down and you are ready to do something new.

#5 Doing something I don’t want to do

Recently, I heard this tip in 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler. His tip was to do 2 things a day that you do not want to do. It sparked within me as a great practice probably because I don’t ever want to do anything (lol) especially when I’m in a low vibe. I am someone who constantly forces myself to do things that will raise my frequency. Especially right now while I am pushing through the dirt of my latest ascension. When I have a moment that I have nothing to do or don’t know what to do next I say to myself, “What do I not want to do?” and I go do it. Sometimes, it’s yoga, sometimes it’s taking a walk, taking a break to breathe, doing work that I’ve procrastinated on, or so many other things. This practice allows us to break out of our comfort zones and usually will lead us to do something productive. This alone helps to raise our vibration.

Depression and low-vibrational frequency are inevitable to life just as much as happiness and stability are. One could not exist without the other and daily we have to choose which side to live on. The low-vibrations can stagnate you- that’s exactly what its purpose is. Negativity can enter our space, our minds, and our bodies which will condition us to a belief that we unknowingly choose everyday. I’ve blamed my low-vibrational symptoms on depression, which a doctor told me I had long ago. I believed him, and I mean it was true at the time, but it became a belief that I chose to live by. (I’m starting to think doctors aren’t really good for us. They can tell us ANYTHING, and we believe it which we then create. It’s crazy how many things on this earth conditioned us to create beliefs that we live day to day by.) Like I said, every morning we wake up, we CREATE the life we live. Everything is a choice, WE either choose or we let our minds take control and choose for us. Which life will you choose? Either way, YOU ARE THE CREATOR!

P.S. The sun is starting to shine ;)

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