Does Perfection Exist?

It is said that nothing in this world is perfect, but it is the imperfections of one that makes things “seemingly” perfect. I could and would agree with this, but today, I felt different. What if perfection does exist? I mean, it is all left up to one’s own perception. Which is then based on one’s own experiences. Lately, my experiences are (what I believe) trying to show me what perfection is. Through synchronicities, irony, and coincidences- I’ve tried to figure out what it all means and if these experiences are trying to tell me something or are triggered by what I’m thinking about and what is going on in my surroundings. It wasn’t until a conversation I had with my Gemini coworker, Mark, about these curiosities stimulated the thought that maybe what triggers these mysterious events are the “now”. Maybe, that moment was so perfect, I just so happened to look at the clock at 4:44, or my order total came up to $45.45, or my security code just so happened to be 8899 while a truck passing by had the same numbers on the back of it. I can’t ignore these blessings by thinking it means nothing, and trying to search for the meaning left me clueless, however, they did make me feel special, so I thank them.

Perfection means the state of having all the requirements or desirable qualities and characteristics; “as good as it is possible to be” (Definition from google). If this is the case, I can find many things in this life that are perfect. Today, as I was getting my daily dose of YouTube watching, I came across a video about the planets discovered by the Kepler telescope and how they compared to earth. While watching this video, “perfection” was sparked in my mind while I considered just how perfect Earth is in size, distance, positions, etc. It is so perfectly placed, it was able to create life and even advance into what we are and have today- something no other planet that’s been discovered has been able to do. There are 2,662 other planets that were discovered by Kepler, but not one of those planets was positioned perfectly enough to their stars to create life, although some were very close. It’s amazing to me that those other planets even have the chance to exist and survive, and maybe in thousands of years, they will reach a point to be able to create life, but those planets made me appreciate the “now” even more. Space has always been interesting to me and the stars are actually what struck my first experience of consciousness and reasoning. I believe many answers to life can be found in the air- of earth, space, and even just what we can see and witness.

Now, let us think about that word- now. “Now” means at the present time or moment. Earth is now, it was now and had to be now for it to create life. The only way it could create life was to be present at the time and moment that it was developed, plus the way it is positioned and the way it moves. This is wild for me to think while I write this. I love to say time is nonexistent because it was created when we began to develop thought and needed a system to organize life and civilization better. I believe the true measurement of “time” should be distance because the earth and our solar system are constantly moving through space which means it is constantly gaining distance. We are constantly moving through life which means we are constantly gaining distance. The distance we travel determines where we go. 5 years from now, the distance we travel will determine where we are. I like to think this way as opposed to the time it takes to get to where I will be in 5 years. It is unorthodox, but I’m an unorthodox person anyway. I would prefer the moment over time and I think the synchronicities want me to focus on the moment rather than the time because then, I will appreciate the now more which just so happens to be the present. I always knew the most important gift in life was the present moment. Being aware of the moment over the past or future was the secret I needed to manifest and get into my highest frequency as well as tune in to my nature and intuition. There are many other gifts to life, but the biggest of them all is life itself. I think the best way to enjoy life is to enjoy the moment. “Now” is what is truly perfect in life and perfection exists in the now.

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