Darkness, a Poem

There’s been a darkness inside of me

I purge these emotions

These devilish acts

Of swaying energies to match my frequency

And enjoying intimacy but lacking True empathy

We are not that of who we try to show the world

But I am the one to blame for my own hell 

I am the one pulling away 

I am selfish as fuck

I am a bitch





But still

You hold me in high regards when I deserve nothing but what I feel is true love

I will never get true love until I learn to love myself and everybody else

I PRAY this energy goes away

I ask for help from my angels

Who come WHENEVER I ask Where ever, and I am not afraid 

Because you showed me death

And though it was painful,

It was the most beautiful feelings of complete emptiness, sorrow and pain

It was one and I was one

I birthed into a goat

And then the sun

And then nothing

And then something 

And with every breath

It would change

And I would change

And I gave myself away 

To my family

And they held me

And had me

And loved me

And hugged me, but that is my selfishness

Because I don’t hug or rather

Am Uncomfortable

But why?


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