Attraction is Inevitable, A poem

It’s something about a hood (real) nigga, talking about God

That makes me want to dive deeper within his chest

Especially when he’s talking out of it


There’s all different types of niggas

And I find beauty in them all

It’s just something about their energy that vibrates out and tickles whoever is within their gravity

Some find it scary, I find it intriguing


I find it tasty

like I can feel them on my tongue as they talk and as I gaze at their chest to their face

See I don’t care about their shoes, but it'll give them a plus


And my observations happen unconsciously, but I take it all in

I can feel a nigga in my hands as soon as their around me

And this attraction in life is inevitable

It’s all about what we do with it

What actions we take based on the realness that we don’t acknowledge

And I wonder if monogamy really exists

Or if it should

Because everything is beautiful and we should see it that way

Like I can’t help if my attraction is fueled by another’s belongings

We should only belong to ourselves anyway

But would I even be okay to not belong to anybody

Only belong to myself like I don’t want to give myself away

And have another person hold me as I belong to them

Searching in this life for another daddy

Or another parent

Because we come into this world belonging to other people

How do we break out of that?

I’m on a life long hunt to find fulfillment

Fulfillment within myself

I wonder though

If that’s enough for true happiness

Because I love me

I adore me

I’m a fucking Gawd, Goat, A dope ass bitch

And I’m fine as fuck

But I’m on a life long hunt to find a real ass nigga

To find love

And someone to make me happy

And I don’t think that’s a problem

Like yeah we need to love ourself and be okay with ourself

But I want what I want

And as long as I can be real about it

That’s what means the most to me


Openness and Loyalty

I’m loyal to myself, honest to myself, open to myself

But I’m curious if I can even trust another soul

Because the same man that will talk about God

Would turn around any defy him

Find an attraction to me and act on it

All while he belongs to someone else

& if the attraction is inevitable for me then it must be and is for him

So I couldn’t even stop my man if he finds himself locked into another attraction

But I must admit, my attraction is different

It ain’t another me out there

I know the energy I possess

Like I don’t have to do much to get a man to desire me

But I try my best not

& I can’t help if it happens

God forbid it’s mutual

But really that’s what I really want

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