Attacked Just to Get These

Photography by @Soulhood_T on Instagram.

It’s not a Perla Woods, #alliart shoot if it doesn’t turn into an adventure. If you’ve ever photographed with me, then you would understand that to create my magic comes with a little pain & a lot of new experiences. Lately, I’ve been on the other side of the camera which isn’t new since I mostly photograph myself, but posing is something that I thoroughly enjoy. The best magic comes from multiple hands and multiple talents. This is why I love to collaborate when it comes to creating art. The magic I’ve been creating lately has become a special collaboration between me and my good friend Soulhood T (@soulhood_t on ig) who is a fellow photographer and artist in the 757 area of Virginia. Our latest shoot came with a hike, a battle, and a beautiful view that made the entire obstacle worth it.

When we first arrived at the location we had about a 5-minute walk to get to our true destination. It was a warm day, the sun was an hour away from setting, and the atmosphere was strikingly perfect. At the end of our trail rest a hidden beach away from any population or residences. We weren't alone as there were lots of families who had the same idea to experience this location on a beautiful day. I was amazed at what I saw: a pink to light blue sky that reflected off the water a diamond iridescent color and effect. It might've just been me, but that view was one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time. Virginia sunsets always seem to have this effect on me.

Naive to what we were getting ourselves into, we walk to find a blank spot past where the majority of people were walking. We set our stuff down and prepare to get busy to capture me and the view. I change my clothes and as we were stationary we begin to notice how many bugs were swarming around us. I, with my ability to detach from whatever I need to, quickly ignore the bugs as they land on my skin and just as quickly fly away, but as I glance over at Soulhood, the biased little creatures showed out on her exposed melanin.

Not only were the bugs just flying insects, but they were also mosquitos- huge mosquitos! They were so big, they appear to look like little fairies that gave us an even more interesting look to the photos. Though they made this shoot difficult, they forced us to cooperate and innovate our style of shooting and posing. Let's just say, we had to rely on lots of movement and very quick action style photos. It was every bit (no pun intended) of worth it!

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