Am I Addicted to Tarot Cards?

When it comes to addictions, there is one question that must be asked, “Am I dependent?” Addiction is being dependent on something, physically or mentally. We can enjoy things without being addicted to them, and we can enjoy them so much that we overindulge in those things as well. The why behind the indulging is what determines whether or not we have an issue.

I have questioned myself and my attachment to some of the things I enjoy in life like love, marijuana, and tarot cards. Yes, tarot cards. Tarot cards are something I use weekly and sometimes even daily, or a few times a day depending on what is going on in my life. I have my own collection of decks and I also watch other readers on youtube. I give myself readings and I give other people readings if they come to me in need. I have found that I am exceptionally gifted in this craft and I enjoy being able to connect with my cards and the art on them to benefit myself and other people’s lives. I receive divine guidance intuitively and also through art and regular forms in everyday life (like a scuff on the wall or a paint splatter on the ground. For me, it becomes an image and that image has a message.). Pairing cards with this gift is an enjoyment for me and many others in the world.

When I was younger, I was afraid of tarot cards. I even refused and denied the service one time my mom and sister received a reading at an adventure park. (You can probably blame it on the movie Carmen: A Hip Hopera, with Beyonce and Mekhi Phifer. See the video below). As I got older and became more spiritual and learned about energy, I was more open to things on earth than I was when I was an adolescent. It took me to decide to embark on a spiritual journey of finding myself and God at the age of 19. I was first introduced to tarot through youtube. My sister led me to it and, at the time, I needed some kind of confirmation because I felt lost and depressed. I watched a few readings and found that they were relating to my life, insanely. I received a confirmation immediately and it was relieving to watch. Since then, I have indulged in the art of the tarot.

Tarot gets a bad rep and has negative connotations. Now, I find it silly to be afraid of a deck of cards and find it silly when people shun them. To each his own, but the main ones who judge are the ones who are sleep to their own consciousness. I won't let my ego take over and rant about these people, though. I'm not here to convince anyone to open up to tarot cards, but if you're reading this, you either already are or are thinking about it. I'll give you a very brief introduction to tarot before I get back to my addiction story. Tarot cards are playing cards that date back to the 14th century. They originally had nothing to do with the mystics of life until the 18th century when someone found that the symbolism on the cards related to divine wisdom and knowledge. Truthfully, everything in life is a symbol of divine wisdom and knowledge, we are just blind to it or don't pay enough attention. The deck of cards contains different suits and under each suit contains 14 cards: Ace to 10 and then King, Queen, Knight, & Jack/Page. Each card has a different meaning depending on the number, the suit, and the art of the card. The cards pulled are stimulated by energy. Everything in life is energy, gives off energy, and is controlled by energy. You can compare this to chance and gambling. If you gamble while in good energy, your chance of winning is higher and vice versa. This means your outcome will be based on your energy. It's the same for tarot and how the cards that come out can relate and resonate with your life. Since every card has a meaning, every card has its own energy which will then connect with your energy or the energy you are picking up.

Back to my story; Some may have a similar story to mine, and with easy access to readers through youtube, it can become a habit to tune in every day. There are even apps and websites that will allow you to generate a card pick for the day. The tarot community is more than vast (if you ever thought of becoming youtube famous, become a tarot reader… not really). Readers can easily get 20k views in a day and become a popular tarot reader faster than any blog/vlog series that you may want to create (Please don’t do it unless you genuinely want to help others and are gifted in empathic connections). It’s also easy to obtain your own tarot deck. You can buy them on Amazon, your local witchy store, or botanical, and if you’re really into it, they will find you and find a way into your life. Now when it comes to how much you’re using it, some can argue that every day is too much especially with the judgemental people on social media who judge everything about everybody. Me, personally, I say fuck what anyone else thinks, but if you question yourself as I did then it is definitely something to consider and look deeper into.

Like I said before, the why will give you the answer and give you the direction. I watch tarot almost every day, and every few days, I will pull my own cards. Honestly, I go with the flow of life. If I want to watch a reading or a few readings, I will do so, and if I want to pull cards because I genuinely just want to, then I will. I don’t see or live by time, so the amount of times I do it, for me, is irrelevant. The reason I indulge or tune in is that it can be therapeutic for me. I enjoy receiving a daily message and I love hearing people talk about spirituality and mentally stimulating topics. Some may watch it to know about their love life or career. I enjoy learning and receiving guidance, having a heads up on what may be coming towards me, or just receiving a message on what I may be overlooking. It is like reading scripture, listening to a sermon, or checking out your horoscope to start your day. I can even put it in the category of tuning into a self-help book or podcast.

Too much of ANYTHING is in an issue. That is a fact when it comes to life. Here is when I feel tarot cards can become a problem:

If you rely on the cards to make a decision for you

Firstly, when you ask someone or something to help you make a decision, you hand over the power of your life. Ultimately, you should always be the one to make decisions about your life and the decision you make should come from within.

There are times when you may be stuck between two decisions or a head over heart matter. I always say, make the decision that is most scary, or if you just don’t know, meditate on it, pray for a sign, and make a decision later. Indecision can haunt us and even bring us into a state of depression. If you find yourself unable to clear your mind, or your thoughts become overwhelming, whatever it is your thinking about, tell yourself you will worry about it later. This has worked WONDERS for me. If you still are having trouble, resort to venting or talking it over with someone but still be sure that your decisions are your choice. You can even write about it, take a walk, a meditative nap, or watch a movie. What can be nice about these is sometimes the answer or sign we need can come out in these activities.

You have a dependency on the cards

Having a dependency on anything is a symptom of addiction. To overcome this we must break our attachment by fighting the block over our willpower and self-control. Having no self-control means not having control over your life. This will result in not having things gone your way because the energy behind your desires creates so much intensity that it turns negative. This can have a major effect on our lives and can even ruin relationships and opportunities. Energy is everything and even if someone is unaware they are picking up on energy, it will still play a part in the directions that everything flows in. The first step to breaking a dependency issue is to cut it out of your life. If it is extreme, start with limiting your use. Cut your usage to once a day, then once a week, and until you break out of your dependency altogether. If you decide to continue using make sure it is for the right reasons and you are not falling into the same cycle. If you fall in it again, you know what to do, and you should be much stronger this time to fight it.

Ask yourself what your purpose for using is

There are many reasons to watch and use tarot cards. It can be for guidance about your life, love, or career. You can use them to learn about tarot or to learn about the world and other people. You can use them for confirmation, affirmation, or a general message to start your day. Some reasons to look out for are if you are using them to make multiple decisions that pertain to big parts of your life or if your search has become obsessive. We must be conscious of our actions especially when we overindulge.

Realize you can use every day and not be addicted

The biggest equation associated with having a problem is having a dependency or attachment to something. If you utilize tarot every day and do not have a dependency on tarot, know that there is nothing wrong with using and indulging in yours or anyone else’s cards. It can be for entertainment purposes and maybe you are so into them because you actually should be a tarot reader yourself. Whatever the case may be, check yourself and follow your gut. You know yourself better than anyone else and the only problems that can arise if you are not being real with yourself.

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with tarot. If you think you are addicted, recognize if there is a dependency. If there is no dependency, do what you want! If you want to get into them but are afraid of what others might think, who are you living life for? Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about using your cards or indulging in them. People fear what they cannot understand, and they also judge when the only person we should judge is ourselves. If you or anyone you know may have a problem, please seek professional help, or talk with a spiritual advisor. There is a big community of spirituals, light, and rootworkers, tarot readers, witches, and more everywhere- on social media, in your community, and even right here. We are here to help with the aspects of life that aren’t often spoken on. If you landed on this article, share your comments or share it with someone who may benefit from reading it.

Much Love, Always

Keep Yourself First

Chase your fears, and express yourself

Perla Woods

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